Ironside, also known as the Eliminator, is a cyborg that is a former U.S. Marine that currently operates as a terrorist. He was created by Stan Lee and appeared in the Feedback comics.



Very little is known about Ironside's past. All that is known is that he is a former U.S. marine that went through extensive bionic surgeries that turned him into a cyborg.

Encounters with FeedbackEdit

Ironside first appeared to Matthew Antherton as a marine (however, at this time it could ba assumed that Ironside was discharged from the military but still posing as a marine) and shows him an assault vehicle that the "U.S Military" wan't to use against a terrorist called the Eliminator. After Antherson is done working on the vehicle Ironside reveals himself to be the Eliminator and has his men kill Antherson. However, in the process Atherson gains the power to control electricity and becomes the hero Feedback. Believing that Antherson is dead Ironside planned to use the assault vehicle to an entire city. The final part of Ironside's plan was to program the vehicle to explode and blow up the cities nuclear power plant. However, Feedback used a huge electromagnet to trap Ironside and then reprogramed the vehicle to destroy Ironside's lair. Ironside was presumedly killed in the explosion.