Catt is a new exotic dancer of the Tender Loins and in her mid-20's, she can easy make any money by romantic moves on customers  thinking she's a drunken fish and learns to dance in nude, but she acts like a bitch and works with Erotica Jones, Giselle and Persephone.

Everybody Loves PushyEdit

Catt makes her 1st appearance at the Tender Loins when she asked for a job and did her Exotic Dance in audition wearing a black bra and black panty in a maid's dress, then she finished her dance showing her nude boobs. She also asked that she can work here, if she does lesbian kiss, smoking and foul language. She got the job and was congratuated by Persephone, Catt agrees to work here if she ask her to stay out of her way and after she smokes a cigarette, she left while Persephone looked puzzled.