Man in the Mummy Case was one of the backup stories that appeared in Amazing Fantasy #15 (1962). It was written by Stan Lee and drawn by Steve Ditko.


Rocco Rank, a career criminal, breaks into a museum to escape a policeman. While he looks for a hiding place, he hears a mummy's voice promising to protect him from the police. All he has to do is lie in a sarcophagus. The mummy reassures Rank that he will not suffocate or become another mummy. Rank finally agrees and gets into the sarcophagus, which the mummy shuts. The policeman doubles back, finds a broken window, and searches the room. The mummy is motionless, and the sarcophagus is empty, so he leaves Rank is safe from the police. . . but has become a slave building the Pyramids.


  • Rocco Rank
  • Mummy
  • Egyptian slavedrivers
  • two police officers (one named Joe)